Talented Pathway




The OSA Talented Pathway was created to provide opportunities for the top players in the province to develop and advance. The basis for the program is the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) launched in 2014 at the U13 level. In each successive year, OPDL will add an age group. The licensing cycle for organizations wishing to operate an OPDL program is every two years.

Talent On Location Days

For non-OPDL and ORNCA players, there are periodic opportunities to be invited to Provincial Talent Identification Days.

Provincial Program

Older players (2000 and up) remain within the OSA's Provincial Program. The former Provincial Program for players born in 2000 and older will phase out by the 2016 season.

Player Recommendation Process - Under 13

The OSA has laid out player recommendation procedures for 2015 and provided assessment tools for ORNCA technical directors and district technical directors who do not have OPDL representation within their association. This is being done so that all U13 players within Ontario will be measured against the same criteria with benchmarks to ensure transparency, consistency and a systematic approach to individual player detection and identification. This approach is intrinsically linked to the Talented Pathway for players born in 2002 and younger. Club technical directors or technical leads are encouraged to connect with their respective district association regarding the talented pathway recommendation process.

What players can be recommended?

Any U-13 player who is an OSA-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) registered player or any player who is an OSA registered player who is registered within an OSA Club and District that DOES NOT have OPDL representation. Players within those Clubs and Districts are encouraged to become an OPDL Player. OPDL is the main venue for players to be detected to be included in future Provincial Projects.

Who can recommend a talented player?

Qualified recommending individuals must be active members of the Ontario Soccer Association and include:

  1. District Technical Director or Technical Lead (from Districts that do not have OPDL representation)
  2. OSA-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) Technical Director or Owner

Club technical directors or technical leads are encouraged to connect with their respective district association regarding the talented pathway recommendation process. Recommendations from non-qualified individuals will not be accepted.

How can a player be recommended?

Each qualified recommending individual must follow the process as outlined below:

Action #1

Download the following documents

  1. Technical Benchmark Exercises
  2. Technical Benchmark Data Sheet
  3. Provincial Talent Identification – Recommendation

Action #2

Facilitate a training session according to the Technical Benchmark Exercises and have recommended players perform the various tasks, in order to gather performance data from each recommended player (district coordinated and or club coordinated).

Action #3

Capture all necessary player performance data on the Technical Benchmark Data Sheet for all recommended players (including Goalkeepers).

Action #4

Complete the Provincial Talent Identification – Recommendation form accurately according to the instructions provided on the sheet. From the data collected only those players who are being recommended are to be included on the ‘Contact information’ page. Incomplete recommendations will not be accepted.

Action #5

Send the electronic version (no hard copy) of both the Technical Benchmark Data Sheet and the Provincial Talent Identification – Recommendation to the following email-address: tprecommendation@soccer.on.ca

When can a player be recommended?

The deadline for player recommendations is Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Late recommendations will not be accepted.

What happens after submitting the player recommendation?

All successfully submitted talented player recommendations will be assessed according to OSA Talented Pathway standards. Players that meet the OSA benchmark will be contacted via email and invited to participate in a “Talent on Location Day” event scheduled for October 4, 2015. The OSA Talented Pathway staff will evaluate the individual skill set of each successfully recommended player. Players that are detected throughout this event will receive an invite for the “Provincial Screening Competition” event scheduled for November 21/22, 2015. More details regarding the November event will be provided directly to the successfully detected candidates.

Players that do not meet the benchmark upon recommendation and players that have not been identified in the October 2015 ‘Talent on Location Day’ event, will be encouraged to work on their current skill set in order to improve their performance.

What happens if a player was not able to attend a ‘Talent on Location Day’ event?

This option is the only one for a player to follow in order to be considered for provincial talent identification purposes.