Toronto Soccer Association

2021 Blanket Approval Process


The following approval process is being offered to TSA member clubs/ associate academies to encourage in District exhibition games, and to expedite the approval process. This process CANNOT be used if either participating team is from outside the TSA. In such a circumstance, the normal approval process must be used (online request via CTMS).


The blanket approval process will work as follows:

  1. The eligibility criteria for all participants must be met in full:
    1. Both teams must be registered to a TSA member club/ associate academy
    2. All participating players are registered in Sports Engine.
    3. All coaches are registered in Sports Engine and have completed all age specific certification.
    4. The facility being used has been officially booked/permitted by the host club/ academy
    5. All required RTP protocols are in place and fully implemented
    6. Official OS regisered match officials will officiate the game (game leaders can officiate at the U8 level)
    7. Each team will complete and submit a fully completed game sheet from each exhibition to specialprojects@torontosoccer.net within 72 hours of the completion of the game. Failure to do so will incur a $50 per game fine.
  2. Each Thursday by noon, all clubs/academies hosting exhibitions the following week are required to submit the “In District Exhibition Activity sheet” via email to specialprojects@torontosoccer.net.
  3. Within 24 hours we will respond to approve or deny based on a) the standard criteria b) the details provided each week.

Only TSA member clubs/ associate academies can avail of this process and only those member clubs/ associate academies who have signed the “Blanket Approval club/ academy agreement” confirming adherence to the above process.

The clubs who have submitted a signed Club Agreement will be listed HERE as of July 1st,2021