Toronto Soccer Association




Prior to the start of each outdoor season the Team Manager of any team participating in either YDSL (U9-U12), TDYSL (U13-U13) or WDSL (Womens Competitive) must participate in a pre-season "TEAM MANAGER WEBINAR" to gain a full understanding of the processes required to participate in these Leagues.

Team managers can represent (and get attendance credit for) a maximum of 2 teams. Team managers must register for webinars prior to event date, please register early as some sessions may fill quickly. Please ensure you are registering for the correct age group! Teams in the U9-U12 age groups must register for a YDSL webinar, while teams in the U13-U18 ages must register for a TDYSL webinar.

Club/academy administrators should ensure to share this email with all their team managers to ensure that all teams are represented during the Webinars.  Registration links are listed below:

YDSL (U9-U12) June 19th 12:00PM – REGISTER HERE

TDYSL (U13-U18) June 19th 1:00PM – REGISTER HERE

YDSL (U9-U12) June 21st 6:00PM – REGISTER HERE

TDYSL (U13-U18) June 21st 7:00PM – REGISTER HERE

YDSL (U9-U12) June 23rd 6:00PM – REGISTER HERE

TDYSL (U13-U18) June 23rd 7:00PM – REGISTER HERE

Please note, you are required to attend 1 (age specific webinar) not all three.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TSA League Manager Lorin Berballa tsaleagues@torontosoccer.net