Toronto Soccer Association

2021 TSA Youth League

Match Official Guidance

-          Read and understand the league rules of the leagues you are accepting games for.

-          YDSL: Rules

-          Retreat Line (YDSL): Here

 TDYSL: Rules    

  •        Understand the format of the division of the game you are accepting (field size, squad size, ball size, time of each half/third, fees that you are due and how they are payable)
  •      Understand the location and transportation time of the location, showing up to a game at kick of time is unacceptable, you should be at a game minimum 15 minutes prior to game start. 
  •       If you are going to be late due to an emergency you need to communicate with the league a minimum of 15 min before kickoff
  •      Collect 2 completed gamesheets from each of the teams, ensure that all players are listed on the game sheet (check numbers and quantity of players on field/bench)
  •     Ask teams if book check was completed for players and coaches, please indicate on the game sheet if the book check was completed or not for players and coaches
  •    If there is a head injury that you notice during the game please indicate on the game sheet if there was a head injury and if it was for the home team or the away team
  •   Ensure to provide halftime 5 minute break or in between thirds (YDSL)
  •   Provide a water break in the middle of each half (11v11) of ALL games played.  Communicate this with coaches before the start of ALL games
  •  Complete game sheets and give 1 copy back to each team and keep 1 copy
  • After game completion you must complete score and discipline entry through RefCentre within 48 hours
  • ALL discipline forms (caution/dismissal/special incident) MUST be submitted through email to intern_admin@torontosoccer.net within 48 hours ,CLEAR picture or scan is acceptable


Please ensure that your availability is accurate at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Any Match Official assault documentation MUST be submitted to intern_admin@torontosoccer.net and tsaleagues@torontosoccer.net within 24 hours, clear picture or scan is acceptable