Toronto Soccer Association

2022 TSA Leagues

Match Official Assignment Instructions

During the 2022 outdoor season, the TSA will use the Ref Centre system to assign games within the YDSL (U9-U12) and IModel Qualifying (Regional U13-U18) TDYSL (U13-U18) and WDSL (Womens Competitive).

For those match officials who wish to officiate games, please follow the directions below to ensure you show when our match assignors go in to assign games.

  • Login to your Ref Centre account
  • Click "preferences"
  • Click "District"- select Toronto- click "submit"
  • Click “preferences”
  • Click “leagues”- Select “TSA Leagues”- click "submit
  • Click “preferences” again
  • Click "day"- Select "TSA Leagues"- click "submit"
  • Click “preferences” again
  • Click "Kick Off" and click either "early", "late" or "don't care"- click "submit"
  • Click "preferences" again
  • Click "fields" and select Toronto and (if applicable) Etobicoke- click "submit"
  • Click “divisions”- Click “TSA Leagues” - Click on all divisions you are interested in officiating- Ref/AR or both- Click “submit
  • Click “home”
  •  On the availability calendar, the default is unavailable.
  • For all dates you are available, simply click on the “unavailable” and it will switch to available.
  • Please update your availability at least 2 weeks at a time
  • Please re-update your availability on a regular basis to ensure accurate information is provided to the assignors
  • When assigned a game, you will receive an email with directions on how to “accept” or “decline” that game.
  • You will have 24 hours to accept the assignment.
  • Should you decline a game offered to you, it will automatically switch you to “unavailable”.
  • Once you have accepted a game, should you need to decline it within 48 hours of kick off you must reach out to RefAssignor@torontosoccer.net
  •  Accepted games must only be declined in an emergency and NOT because a “better” game has become available!

For all ref assignment questions, please contact RefAssignor@torontosoccer.net