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Soccer for Life (U13+)

Soccer For Life U13+

Program overview

"Soccer for health and Grass Roots growth".

Physical- Follow appropriate guidelines in the areas of endurance, strength and flexibility training to remain active.

Technical- Learn new skills, or use and maintain skills already acquired.

Tactical- Basic tactics are sufficient to enjoy the game at a recreational level. More advanced tactics are required for competitive play at these ages.

Mental- Focus is still on having fun. 


Course Detail

The Soccer For Life course will consist of 2 stages of learning. Stage 1 is an "Online Theory Component" followed by a Stage 2 mandatory "In Person Practical".

Participants must complete the online course work AND the practical session in full in order to be certified.

The practical sessions offered by the TSA are for TSA Member coaches only.

Should any places on the course remain available 14 days prior to the in person practical, these places will be made available on Coach Centre.

Stage 1- Online Theory Component

All participants must purchase an access key ($30) via the "Canada Soccer Coach Education Store"

The online component MUST be completed a minimum of 1 week prior to your practical session.

Stage 2- In Person Practical Component

Any remaining spots will go on general sale at noon on April 2nd.

         Formal registration and payment
  • Participant will go to www.coachcentre.ca and formally register for the practical session
  • Participant will then have 5 business days to make payment
Course Completion

In order to be viewed as a certified coach, eligible to coach in the age range of the course, you must attend the practical session in full.
Failure to attend the entire session will mean you are not certified and your coaches book will not be stamped

Course Fee Reimbursement

The TSA is delighted to announce that, via access to funding from the OCGA and the City of Toronto, we will reimburse the full cost of the practical session to all TSA Member coaches who participate in our practical sessions!

This reimbursement will be processed when the following actions have been completed:
1. Individual takes part in full in one of the practical sessions listed below.
2. The individuals team official book is submitted to, and approved by the TSA for the purpose of coaching a TSA Member team/s within the age range of the course (U13+)

The course includes technical and tactical development along with appropriate session content and methodology.

Course Name
Pre- Registration
Soccer For Life
April 29, 2023Northern Secondary9.00am- 6.00pm