Toronto Soccer Association

Codes of Conduct



 The Toronto Soccer Association is focussed on providing a positive playing environment for our players, coaches, and match officials in 2018 

To support this objective, we have created a series of Codes of Conduct that provide those involved with the criteria for behaviour at games played in the YDSL, TDYSL and WDSL.

The Codes of Conduct will be distributed to the participating teams at upcoming Coaches Kick Off meetings and can also be reviewed below.

Review the "Players Code of Conduct".

Review the "Coaches Code of Conduct".

Review the "Match Officials Code of Conduct".

Review the "Spectators/ Parents Code of Conduct".

If you witness an incident during the season that you feel contravenes any of the above codes, you can ensure the Toronto Soccer Association is aware by submitting a "Respect Report". Full details on this can be found HERE