Toronto Soccer Association

Respect Report- supporting a positive environment

If you witness an incident during the season that you feel contravenes any of the codes of conduct, you can ensure the Toronto Soccer Association is aware by submitting a "Respect Report".

A"Respect Report" is submitted by clicking the Respect Button on the front page of our website. This will bring up a fill in format email that allows you to make us aware of behaviour that you feel was detrimental to the players enjoyment of the game.

Once a Respect Report has been received, we take several actions:

1. Contact the match official to see if they were aware of the issue.

2. Contact the coaches (if applicable) to inquire if they were aware

3. Attend an upcoming game to view if the behaviour is repeated.

4. Make a decision on what steps (if any) need to be taken to improve the environment.

All Respect Reports are confidential but do require a name and email address for the individual submitting the report. Together we can improve the environment for the players!