Toronto Soccer Association

Sports Engine (OSCAR)- a Help Guide

TSA staff with help from other District Staff have created this help document to assist our clubs in the use of the OSCAR registration system. Our staff have received minimal training in the use of this program but are committed to assist our clubs as much as possible. Together we can make this work!

Step 1: How to access Sport Engine (OSCAR)

Please note, ONLY official club administrators/ registrars should be given access to the OSCAR system. This access must NOT be granted to Team Managers as club administrators are solely responsible for the registration of players and team staff.

The document outlining how to access OSCAR is available below:


If you do not have a login or did not complete the provisioning form please email krystal.laflamme@sportsengine.com . You must provide:

Club Name:

Name of Administrator to be added:

Email of new administrator:

Step 2: Uploading Registrations to OSCAR

  •  Please note, clubs MUST use a “Standardized Naming Convention” when naming all teams being uploaded into OSCAR.·       
  •  Help videos have been created by Sports Engine to walk clubs through the registration process. Please note when “Division” is mentioned, it actually refers to the registration category (i.e. Youth Competitive “YC”)
  • All registration categories remain the same except for:

-          MO = mini outdoor recreational (house league)

-          MOD = mini outdoor development (district development pool)

Please ensure these categories are used accurately

  •         Due to some issues surrounding participant email addresses, the TSA would strongly suggest that no participant email addresses be uploaded to OSCAR at this time.

·         As each registration does require an email address, we would suggest each club create an “SE email address” to be used for ALL registrants:

e.g. EtobicokeOscar@gmail.com


OSCAR Help Videos

Sports Engine have created 3 help videos to date. These MUST be viewed in detail by ALL club admin who will access the OSCAR system.

1.       How to access OSCAR

2.       Submitting registrations/ rosters

3.       Moving teams- players- staff

 These videos can be found here:



A summary of the steps required to submit a roster are outlined below:

1)      Click on the Ontario Soccer tab in the left-hand corner in your teams Sports Engine page

2)      Select ‘submit rosters icon’ (two options will be presented à you can only use one per season)

a.       Single import

                                                               i.      Download the csv. template

                                                             ii.      Enter in all required information

1.       First + last name, team name + role, email, date of birth and gender

                                                           iii.      The following page will bring to attention any required information that is missing

1.       An asterisks  (*) will appear next to missing information

                                                           iv.      Select the ‘Import’ button to finalise adding players and teams

3)      Assign teams to the appropriate age group until there are no more teams left to assign

a.       Click and drag each team into the correct age group/division

4)      Apply memberships and submit the rosters

5)      A player and staff review page will be prompted to inform you which players and staff are being registered

Please note, when submitting Team Staff, please add the position held by each staff member as a comment against their name (Head Coach, Asst. Coach, Team Manager etc.).

 Further Help or Assistance

 As mentioned, TSA staff have received minimal training in the use of this system, and while we are willing to help as much as we can, Sports Engine Support should be your first option when seeking assistance or clarification regarding the registration process. This assistance can be accessed as follows:

1.       Login to OSCAR

2.       On the far right of the screen you will see a blue rectangular box- Click that

3.       You will then see 2 options” Contact online help” and “Schedule Support”- make your selection and follow the prompts.

        TSA Assistance: 

        Sergi Ivanchenko admin@torontosoccer.net