Toronto Soccer Association

U8 Festivals


In support of Long Term Player Development, "Festivals" are the only form of competition for both male and female players in the U8 age group.

"No scores or standings published".

At this stage, individual player development is paramount. Coaches should create a stimulating learning environment where the atmosphere is "Freedom and Fun".

The philosophy underpinning the new Festival format is a focus on FUNdamentals and emphasize skill development and movement through small sided games (SSGs) that promote a feel for the ball, while teaching basic principles of play within a fun but structured setting.

Within the TSA, we will operate using the "Fixture Festival" format. This Festival typically involves 20-30 teams playing 2 x 30min games during the festival, and takes place on Saturdays throughout the summer (avoiding Long Weekends).

Member clubs will stipulate the number of teams they will enter in each festival, allowing the host to schedule accordingly. The member clubs should use the "Open Roster" concept during the event. Open Roster allows clubs to move players within their teams to enable players to find the best environment to shine! Clubs are required to monitor playing time for each player to ensure it does not go above the 60 minutes per player limit for U8 within LTPD. As in 2015, players will not be required to have player books but must be included on the club U8 Festival roster in AIMS.

Coaches are required to have taken the OSA Learn To Train course (or Fundamentals if taken in 2015 or before), Respect in Soccer, Making Ethical Decisions and Making Head Way in Soccer, in order to coach within our U8 Festival program. They are also required to have a coaches book that has been registered and approved by the District.

Festival calendar Summer 2017

The calendar for the TSA U8 Festivals has now been confirmed and can be found HERE

We will use the OSA Mini Soccer Rules for our U8 Festivals, with the addition of the "Retreat Line" to assist the defending team to play out from the back.

More details on the "Retreat Line", it's benefits and application within U8 can be found online HERE

Team Registration

  • To register, each club MUST email Amedeo Dragonieri (TSA Special Projects Intern): SpecialProjects@torontosoccer.net on or before the registration deadline (two weeks prior to the Festival date), stating how many teams and which genders will participate. It should be noted that as space is limited, clubs are advised to "register" as far in advance as possible
  • Amedeo will respond confirming receipt of the information provided.

The schedule and location map for each Festival will be posted here a minimum of 7 days prior to each Festival.

The September 9th Festival is hosted by Sporting FC Academy, and will take place at Brockton Stadium, 515 Brock Avenue, Toronto

The SCHEDULE for the September 9th Festival can be found HERE

The MAP of the venue for the September 9th Festival can be found HERE

The facility use rules for the September 9th Festival can be found HERE

Team Rosters/ Coach books

  • Each club must register players into AIMS under Program Name "2017 U8 Festival Squad".
  • Completed Coach books must be submitted to the TSA for completion
  • Coaches MUST have the following certification: Fundamentals Coaching Course, Making Ethical Decisions, Respect In Soccer and Making Head Way in Soccer
  • Festival Squad Lists must accompany Coach books.
  • The TSA will email copies of all participating club Squad Lists to Festival Hosts 2 days prior to each Festival.
  • Clubs should note that the "Open Roster" concept must be used for U8 Festival Squad registration.
  • No game sheets will be required but all Festival Squad Lists and Coach books must be presented at the Festival Registration desk at each Festival

Game Officials

  • Host clubs are responsible for providing referees for all Festival games.
  • Should any host club require District assistance in assigning referees, please advise the Special Projects Coordinator of this via email the a minimum of 14 days prior to the required date
  • Each participating team is responsible for a $10 cash payment to the referee prior to each game.